Having started at the theatre Rob finally ended up in the world of entertainment.

Already during his childhood he felt attracted to hypnosis and mentalism.

After a series of courses abroad his career took a turn and at the moment he’s completely occupied with hypnosis and mentalism.

As a hypnotherapist and owner at HypnoseCentrum.be he relieves people of all sorts of problems.

As a trainer he has trained several hypnotists for either direct hypnosis as well as street or show hypnosis.

He travels the world to teach people hypnosis.
  • Internationaal Register Hypnotherapist
  • Official Trainer IHR
  • Official Trainer Jeffrey Stephens Protocol
  • Official Trainer Sheila Granger VGB
  • Official Trainer Bob Burns The Swan
  • International HypnosisTrainer
  • Stage Hypnotist & Mentalist
  • Member of the International order of Master Hypnotists 
International Colleagues about Rob
Bob Burns

"I wanted to just put it out there that Rob De Groof, from Belgium, is about to offer more of his own style of training which he has picked up over the years into the extended workshop community.
I first met Rob around 5 years ago when he came to one of my workshops here in Scotland. Since then I have met him in Holland and worked for him in Belgium.

And that has given me the time to not only watch him and witness his style but also to talk to many highly skilled therapists who talk very highly of both his skills and knowledge.

I can also vouch for the fact that Rob is one of these trainers who also do full-time therapy, honing their skills in real-time, monday to friday, sharpening their cutting edge to ensure they pass on real stuff from the real world to their students.

Although I had the privilege of training Rob (a little) he carries forward the teachings from his main mentor; the Great: Jeff Stephens, a highly skilled master of direct hypnosis, whom is sadly missed by the community.

Rob is one I am very extremelyhappy to recommend to all of you!

So, go see him, and say 'hi' from me :)"
Ines Simpson

"To whom it may concern:

I have known Rob de Groof personally for over 2 years – but have known of him, as a key figure for Hypnosis in Belgium, for a lot longer.

Rob de Groof , like all of the best hypnotists, has a wide ranging back ground in Hypnosis, from street hypnosis, to stage hypnosis, to hypnosis for change and his own hypnosis clinic, which he has grown to a clinic so busy he has had to bring in 4 other hypnotists.

As a presenter, he is knowledgeable, instructive, and entertaining, with an innate understanding of the world of hypnosis. 

As a practicing hypnotist – he is skilled and a person who achieves the outcomes the clients desire.

He is one of the few key people I am eager to bring to Canada as a presenter for workshops here."

Sheila Granger

I have known and worked with Rob for the past three years. 

He is a true professional who walks the walk, a great hypnotist and a terrific presenter who knows his stuff. 

Living and breathing hypnosis he works tirelessly to pass on his knowledge to his clients and his fellow hypnotists. 

He is certainly a name to watch out for in the magical world of hypnosis.

Sean Michael Andrews

Rob De Groof is a consummate professional. 

He is knowledgeable in all aspects of hypnosis and his hypnosis school is one of the best I have had the privilege of teaching in. 

He is an outstanding instructor, and I recommend him without reservation.

I hope to host him in my new hypnosis school in Augusta (Georgia - USA) very soon. 

Anthony Jacquin

It has been my pleasure to see Rob perform, share hypnosis ideas with him, and most of all to work with him.

The approach he has carved out at his HypnoCentrum is fresh, radical and effective.

He has a special combination of curiosity, courageousness and creativity which have led to him creating a unique approach to helping people change.

I thoroughly recommend you check out his work.

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